Monday, 17 June 2013


It is a very busy time of year for the Bees.......

I have after many years finally stopped working at Proper Job and with the Textiles recycling project I set up. I haven't completely abandoned it (as it is rather my baby!) but my sister, artist Danielle Barlow and another textiles creative, Iah, have stepped into the breach and will hold it all together.
What is wonderful about this is that my time is now all about Bee-ing. The aim is to spend all my time and energy focusing on my own studio and creativity and to spend a bit more time to teach the kids about bees.
So whilst the sun has been a welcome relief for the bees, both of the hive kind and the solitary, the rain has bought some enforced inside duty spent sat at the computer catching up with things and working on an Etsy shop (finally...I know!) and two new websites, still works in progress.

So here it is.......tadaah!
Stitchwort Studio Etsy Shop
I have also also added it to the tab bar at the top until I have worked out how to put it elsewhere!

The new time in my life has allowed for some exciting new projects,that have been bubbling away in the background, to finally start making it to the surface.
In preparation for an upcoming collaborative jewellery collection (going to have to wait a while for more on this one....still under wraps), I spent a morning with Miriam Boy of Silver and Moor turning a precious piece of heather wood I had into a pendant.
copper, bronze and heather
Dragon heather with hammered sun disc.
I think that this is still a work in progress, I am looking for the right chain and it may have one more piece added to it yet.
I have a theory as a designer that if you are ever going to design something you have to have some idea of how it is made. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my morning, I think I shall leave the metal working to the experts......such a lot of sanding, polishing and patience involved!

Finally whilst travelling through the labyrinth that is Etsy I came across these, it has totally made my day....i hope they don't mind but I had to post it on here and fb.

Unicorn fart lip balm !!! Hilarious :)

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  1. I noticed your pendant in the woods the other night.
    I found the unicorn fart balm and it cheered me too :o).
    Off to your shop now...