Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fancy frocks and chancy chicks

My life has become a strange juxtaposition of fancy frocks and chicken wrestling, one minute my arms are full of beautiful garments and in the next they are full of hens!
It has become a running joke amongst friends that in one telephone conversation I will be pinning a dress and scraping out poop from my coop! or dashing out of my studio to take collection of pallets for fencing whilst banging a saucepan in the street to retrieve my rather adventurous brown hen 'Bovril'.

I think perhaps I am turning into the crazy artist down the road, fortunately, this being Chagford I am in good company, not only in my street but the whole village!

I took these photo's the other day that summed up my life rather aptly I thought.......

There have been a number of reasons that I haven't posted for a while, life got very hectic with a Scottish wedding.......... so a couple of stints in the highlands creating wedding fancies,beautiful baubles and Maid of Honour duties for my lovely cousin Freya.......

A vintage fashion show.............

local models strutted their stuff......
tripped the light fantastic.... 
sashayed in swimwear.......

and swung 70's style!

photo's by Juliette Mills
and a splash of sunshine........
This meant a frenzy on garden jobs, finally a chance to enjoy the beautiful countryside and the opening of our local swimming pool.
frantic fence making from pallets and off cuts from a local skip.....all free and now my veg can grow!

the beautiful Bovril (no longer egg bound!)

and her slightly more scraggy companion Ash
And then the rains came.
Work resumes as normal.


  1. Ha! I love your life :o). Saw your girls out the other day, but they were close to home.
    And hooray and huzzah and hallefrickinlujah for that blast of sun!

    1. lets hope the sun returns, I am leaving my tent up in optimism....we have had a couple of sojourns to it but not quite the same with fold out chairs and damp chicken s*** instead of sheepskins, cushions and lolling!
      You may have noticed that my post has recently followed yours! you always inspire me to write again and remind me how much I love it xx