Thursday, 13 February 2014

Goddess journeys Part 1.

I have occasionally mentioned my Goddess project on this blog. It is a long standing project that I have been working on for many, many years. It is my own journey exploring the essence of womanhood and the divine feminine through the triple aspect of the Goddess.

where it began, when I was a teenager!
It has been a slow journey. Starting creatively in my teens but only really fleshing out into a full body of work in more recent years. I haven't put much of it out in the public eye because I am waiting until the whole piece is finished.

exploring power and conflict as part of my A levels.
It is an intensely personal journey and is proving to be an amazing framework for personal development.
I have been working on the 'Mother' aspect for last few years and my ability to create the images is intimately bound up with where I am 'at'.

The majority of last year was spent focusing on a piece of embroidery that is central to the 'Mother' robes. For the first time in years I have been spending time slowly beading and stitching by hand and loving every minute of it.

It is exact and meticulous and meditative, a total therapy in itself. It has felt like slowly drawing together a solid identity, a crest that is a reflection of this point in my life, step by step.
Then suddenly I was stuck! I didn't want to do anymore and I couldn't work out how to finish it, so it was left languishing whilst life became intense, stressful and winter set in.

Then the New Year broke and as quickly as the process stopped, it started again……. As I walked into the room one day the piece cried out "now you can finish me". My fingers flew and it felt like a really momentous occasion, a breakthrough, finally it was finished. Oh how I celebrated!
And then I realised there was a leg missing! Oh no, a three legged unicorn! and oh how I laughed.

What a lesson! A parody of where I was 'at'!  A reminder that the journey is never over and that there is always yet another step to take.

Four legs!


  1. Even the best, most in-tune and magical of us, occasionally find ourselves legless. This is the way of the world.