Thursday, 15 May 2014

Life and death abounds

It's been a busy month so far, as my Grandmother used to say "May is the best month of the year!" I think she is probably right…..although it was birthday month too, Almost all of the oldest generation of my family where born in May!

Life is in abundance, my garden is springing forth into life, but sadly there seems to be dead baby birds, cold and lifeless, everywhere we go. I have also noticed a drop in the amount of birds in my garden this year :(

I celebrated Beltane with origami felt prayer swans! I was testing out a kit for a felt make friend of mine Yuli Somme. Check out her beautiful works here

The idea is that you make them, write your prayers or wishes in them and send them off down the river.
Hindsights a wonderful thing. A result of this trip was a fall, concussion and near death sickness! I should have wished for health and protection me thinks!

The upside of the trip was all these beautiful things! My son has taken these photos, the urge takes him from time to time and I encourage it. Suddenly he sees the world with new eyes and enjoys the beauty.

Bloody nose beetle


Blue Sky

Blossom…I think perhaps I should call this blog 'all the b's'

May merriment took place with an opportunity to dress up and hang out at a Game of Thrones party!
ok, so people aren't my son's forte..this was the best of a bad bunch…but he is 9!

Beautiful sculptural barnacle's as part of our seashore forage with the River Cottage gang at Charmouth beach. It was a beautiful day of seaweeds, shore plants, crabs, cockle's winkle's and sunshine.Culminating in a delicious feast, although I absolutely could not do the crab killing. Winkling out the curly little snail creatures was a task and a half and perhaps only made nice by the garlic butter dressing they where in?
Check them out here:
Big sky's and rock pool foraging….It made a delicious meal, all the better for being cooked by a chef!
Most of May though, has been taken up with recovering from concussion and organising a spectacular fundraising art auction for Proper Job our stalwart recycling and sustainability centre…….That is going to have to be a separate blog post, there is just too much excitement to put into here.
Gosh, I have been busy and we're only halfway through :)

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  1. I'm inspired by your barnacle honeycomb - surprisingly like the neuron I spent ages drawng a while back. And I wrote a bit about my small part in the auction on my blog. You've helped me come up with an excuse to get a better camera - so I can give mine to Pickle :o).